CAG Artist Projects

CAG artists are known for their innovative approaches to music performance in the 21st century and can be found in a myriad of different settings. Here are a few examples of their achievements.

‘Letters to My Future Self’ – Nick Revel (PUBLIQuartet)

PUBLIQuartet violist Nick Revel released his debut solo album in January 2019. Featuring Nick’s original compositions for viola (at times together with cello, guitar, or a second viola), ‘Letters to My Future Self’ is a musical journey of a constantly morphing soundscape of styles and genres. The album is available on CD, iTunes, and streaming for free on YouTube.

‘Blueprinting’ Nominated for a 2019 GRAMMY Award – Aizuri Quartet

The Aizuri Quartet’s critically acclaimed debut album, ‘Blueprinting,’ was nominated for a 2019 GRAMMY Award in the “Best Chamber Music/Small Ensemble” category. “The music and performance is, in a word, stunning, writes Brianna Matzke in I Care If You Listen. Aizuri Quartet’s recording debut immediately places them at the forefront of string quartets working in the contemporary idiom. Their ability to function as a perfectly unified ensemble while exploring every nook and cranny of a piece’s soundworld makes literally every moment of Blueprinting completely satisfying.”

Grammys Promo.jpgAizuri_Blue_Large.jpg

PUBLIQ Access – PUBLIQuartet

Founded in 2014, PUBLIQ Access (PQA) is an ongoing genre-independent initiative that commissions new works for string quartet by emerging composers living in the US. PUBLIQuartet brings widespread exposure of these works, regardless of style, to concertgoers and engages audiences with talks, panels, and free concerts. This is a unique opportunity for composers to work with an ensemble that specializes in improvised, world, jazz, non-notated, and electronic music.

‘Come Together’ – Brandon Ridenour

On Brandon Ridenour‘s 2019 album, ‘Come Together,’ the trumpeter, pianist, and composer/arranger performs music by the Beatles with an impressive collection of diverse collaborators, including fellow CAG artists PUBLIQuartet, Sam Suggs, Yoonah Kim, and JIJI. The album was made to honor the 50th anniversary of the song “Come Together,” written in 1969 by John Lennon. With a little help from his friends and some of the greatest songs ever written, Brandon hopes to reignite this message to the world, setting an example to reimagine how we perceive those who are different from us and come together to build a more sustainable planet and future.