CAG Alumni: Where are they now?

CAG Alumni are known for their innovative approaches to music performance in the 21st century and can be found in a myriad of different settings. Here are a few examples of their achievements.

arco collaborative – Jennifer Koh

Founded by violinist Jennifer Koh (1994 CAG Competition winner), arco collaborative is an artist-driven nonprofit that fosters a better understanding of our world through musical dialogue inspired by ideas and the communities around us. One of arco collaborative’s projects is The 38th Parallel: A Contemporary Pansori, which explores the impact of displacement and immigration, and individual and familial transformation through music, visual art, and movement. Conceived by Ms. Koh and composer Jean-Baptiste Barrière, The 38th Parallel connects the transformation of three generations of human lives and encapsulates the experience of cultural uprooting and assimilation.

Antenna Cloud Farm – Michi Wiancko

Violinist and 2002 Competition winner Michi Wiancko is the Director and Co-Founder (with her husband, composer Judd Greenstein) of Antenna Cloud Farm, a summer music festival, artists’ retreat, and community outreach organization located in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts. In addition to presenting concerts, Antenna Cloud Farm hosts retreats of varying lengths for artists who reside in a fully furnished and stocked guest house on the farm. Its aim is to provide a variety of inspiring creative work spaces in which to focus on artistic projects, all while enjoying the peaceful views and immediate access to forests and open spaces. Featured artists have included current CAG roster ensemble, Aizuri Quartet.

Gather NYC – Laura Metcalf

Gather NYC is a revolutionary weekly concert experience founded by cellist Laura Metcalf, a member of SYBARITE5 (2011 Competition winner) and her husband, classical guitarist Rubert Boyd. Held every Sunday morning in downtown Manhattan, Gather evokes the community and spiritual nourishment of a religious service, but the religion here is music, and all are welcome. Guests are served exquisite live classical music by New York’s most celebrated artists, artisanal coffee and pastries, a taste of the spoken word, and a brief celebration of silence. The entire experience lasts one hour. In these unsettling times, GatherNYC provides a place to fortify beauty and peace.

Quodlibet Ensemble – Katie Hyun

Quodlibet Ensemble is a group of unique, accomplished, and dedicated musicians who seek to learn from each other and explore the possibilities of an abundant musical spectrum.  The group was founded to be a place where a wide variety of musical ideas can come into realization, bringing together performers from different backgrounds. Its founder and director is violinist Katie Hyun, a member of the Amphion String Quartet (2011 Competition winner).

AlpenKammerMusik Festival and Roadmaps Festival – Tanya Bannister

AlpenKammerMusik is a festival in the spectacularly beautiful setting of the Austrian Alps that seeks to unite the global musical community through the intimate study of chamber music, with dynamic musical instruction and the opportunity for participants to play together with world-class faculty. Its founder and Co-Artistic Director is pianist Tanya Bannister, CAG’s current President and winner of the 2003 Competition.

Tanya is also the founder of Roadmaps Festival, which is designed to bring together artists, humanitarians, and intellectuals to explore a current crisis through film, music, performance, and discussion. The goal of the festival is to premiere new works that stir collective consciousness and inspire meaningful action.