Two new releases on CAG Records

CAG is proud to present its two newest album releases by former competition winners. Cellist Soo Bae (a CAG winner in 2005) has teamed up with pianist Mia Chung (also a CAG winner, in 1993) and violinist Elizabeth Ann Larson to record Three Strands, a 2-CD set featuring the complete piano trios of Brahms.

Current CAG alumni ensemble the Brasil Guitar Duo (CAG winners in 2006) have returned to CAG Records 10 years after their debut album, Bom Partido, for their newest release, Ghosting. Featuring works written for the Duo by Gerard Drozd, David Leisner, and Marco Pereira, Ghosting also celebrates Luiz and Lora’s 20-year partnership and demonstrates their maturity as arrangers and composers.

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