Concert Artists Guild (CAG) and London’s Young Classical Artists Trust (YCAT) Announce New Partnership

Concert Artists Guild is delighted to announce its new partnership with London’s Young Classical Artists Trust (YCAT). CAG and YCAT will combine efforts to provide artists with new transatlantic opportunities and resources to further young artists’ careers.

CAG and YCAT are confident that our combined expertise can help these young artists navigate and connect cultural marketplaces on both sides of the Atlantic.

Tanya Bannister, President of CAG, explains:

“It’s fantastic for young musicians to have both CAG and YCAT working together to mentor and create transatlantic opportunities. It is imperative that we work together to give the best chance to musicians to have a sustainable career that is unique to each musician and with a global point of view.”



Alasdair Tait, Chief Executive & Artistic Director of YCAT, comments:

“Following the success of Jamal Aliyev (cello) and Tabea Debus (recorder) at the CAG’s Victor Elmaleh Competition in October, it is so exciting to be exploring ways of deepening our relationship with CAG. Rather than simply sharing artists, this is an opportunity for us to grow the creative opportunities available for young artists on both sides of the Atlantic and further our aligned missions of developing and challenging the landscape for 21st-century musicians.”


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