Donald Sinta Quartet


CAG Records announces its latest album, Collider, by the Donald Sinta Quartet. The album features the works of György Ligeti and Thierry Escaich, as well as original pieces by several young composers written especially for the saxophone quartet.

Watch the group perform Ligeti’s Six Bagatelles, as featured on the album:


David Kechley (b. 1947): Rush (2002)

György Ligeti (1923–2006): Six Bagatelles for Wind Quintet (1953)

Annika Socolofsky (b. 1990): Bulgarity (2013)

Thierry Escaich (b. 1965): Tango Virtuoso (1991)

Kristin Kuster (b. 1973): Red Pine (2014)

Joseph Bozich (b. 1991): Babel (2014)

Natalie Moller (b. 1990): Phantoms (2013)

Gregory Wanamaker (b. 1968): Elegy (2009)

Andy Akiho (b. 1979): Amalgamation (2009)

Roger Zare (b. 1985): LHC (2012)

Roger Zare: Z(4430) (2014)