Project Description

The innovative ensemble PUBLIQuartet and the Hip Hop poetry trio The Mighty Third Rail join forces in a mash up of strings, verses and beat-boxing, as the worlds of Hip Hop and Classical music collide. Inspired by the music of the groundbreaking composer György Ligeti, these six musicians come together in a modern day retelling of the Garden of Eden story they call Changing Night

Eve has gone missing and within the course of one night, Adam’s entire contemporary existence is evolving before his eyes. The Mighty Third Rail takes on the role of civilization, PUBLIQuartet represents that of nature, and violinist Curtis Stewart (a member of both ensembles) serves as the bridge to both worlds in this journey that questions the nature of change, survival, and how the things we build to inhabit this dynamic world can  co-exist with the natural without destroying it.



(first half selections subject to change)


Voodoo Dolls by Jessie Montgomery
String Quartet #1 “Metamorphoses Nocturnes” by György Ligeti
Bird in Paris by PUBLIQuartet


The Mighty Third Rail

Duke Ellington medley
Giant Steps (John Coltrane)
A Love Supreme (John Coltrane)

Arrangements by The Mighty Third Rail:
Golden Orb
Battle of the Strings
We Be


PUBLIQuartet and The Mighty Third Rail

“Changing Night”
Adapted story by Curtis Stewart and Darian Dauchan
Lyrics by Darian Dauchan


  • See video Changing Night at La Mama Theater (2015 excerpt)

    Changing Night at La Mama Theater (2015 excerpt)

  • See video  Changing Night at Symphony Space (2013 excerpt)

    Changing Night at Symphony Space (2013 excerpt)